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PRECISION OEM GPS at a price you can afford. Now 15% off on all items. 

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On all orders over 75$

Tested & Proven 
Highest quality testing standards

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Now you can have anything you want, for less than ever before.
Starting at less than $650.

Rugged for
job sites, farms, or mining operations

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All GNSS frequencies.

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Global Coverage


Easy rooftop installation.


High performance over extended cable distances.

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We are the exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of AG372, AG25, and AG15. All products are in stock and ready to ship, fully assembled and tested, either in the housing or the antenna only.


Your terminal is not functioning because of an antenna failure.  The cost of a replacement can be upwards of $1,200.

Is there a better solution?

Can it be repaired?

Yes. There is. We can refurbish or replace your Ag15 or Ag25 antenna with a replacement at a fraction of the cost.

With all the confidence knowing we have provided OEM antenna's to Trimble and other manufacturers for more than 15 years. In all of those years, we have never received ONE warranty claim. 

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The One-Stop Shop for GPS Products and OEM Certification.

The Micro-Ant family of precision GPS antennas provide superior accuracy and performance for automated vehicle applications including agricultural machinery, mining and construction, and lane-level accuracy for autonomous vehicles.


Micro-Ant antennas are compatible with Trimble GPS guided systems and can seamlessly replace the Trimble antennas that come with these systems, at a significantly lower cost. They can also be positioned as replacement antennas for GPS guidance systems provided by other companies, such as John Deere.

Full Technical Documentation and Installation Instuctions

Easy magnetic installation and single TNC connector

Compatible with most navigation systems but especially Trimble EZ Navigation

Rugged  and weather proof, designed for use in construction and agriculture

Maintenance of agricultural GPS in the field
Maintenance of agricultural GPS in the field

Many of Micro-Ant GNSS systems are integrated into receivers for Navigation and Steering systems all over the world. We want to help maintain and upgrade those systems so that farmers and workers all over the world can maintain their machinery over many decades without having to buy whole new systems. If you repair and replace agricultural, mining, or other industrial navigational equipment reach out to become a certified Micro-Ant OEM technician and support our products in the field.

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