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Micro-Ant is the sole and exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Trimble Navigation's agricultural antennas using Micro-Ant's proprietary intellectual property to produce highly accurate GPS antennas. 


The Micro-Ant GPS Part 60600-02 is a high-performance, multiband GNSS antenna – it is a great budget friendly option for guidance in agriculture. It is functionally identical to the Trimble AG15 and can seamlessly replace it since this is an original Micro-Ant technology that Micro-Ant sells to Trimble. This GNSS antenna is commonly used to upgrade the positioning accuracy of the EZ-Guide® 250 system as well as other autosteer systems.


Stay connected to satellite networks anywhere in the world with the Micro-Ant Precision GPS Part GPS Part 60600-02 GNSS. Preinstalled magnets on the mounting allows for quick and simple installation, and the antenna is designed to filter out interfering satellite frequencies.

Precision GPS Part 60600-02 (Commonly known as AG15)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • GNSS Compatibility

    The Micro-Ant Precision GPS Part GPS Part 60600-02 can receive the following correction signals and GNSS types:


    • GPS
  • Key Features

    • Ruggedized to MIL810 standard
    • Narrow and Wide Band
    • Sub-meter accuracy (6”)
    • Weight: 1.25lb
    • Pre-installed magnets for easy mounting
    • Compensates long cable losses
    • IP67
  • Shipping & Refurbishment

  • Advertising Disclaimer

    Micro-Ant OEM GPS is not an authorized distributor, reseller or representative of the products featured on this website. All product names, trademarks, brands and logos used on this site are the property of their respective owners. The depiction, description or sale of products featuring these names, trademarks, brands and logos is for identification purposes only and is not intended to indicate any affiliation with or authorization by any rights holder.

    Nonetheless, Micro-Ant OEM GPS is the sole and exclusive manufacturer of Trimble antennas commonly known as the Ag25 and the Ag15, and others. However all of the intellectual property in the antenna designs belongs exclusively to Micro-Ant. 

    With respect to terminals, we can sell replacement antenna modules for the antennas that have failed in the terminal for the aforementioned products at a competitive price, often far less than replacing the entire module.

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