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Micro-Ant Launches Micro-Ant OEM GPS Products for Direct Distribution

Jacksonville, Fla. (May 25, 2023) - - Micro-Ant, a trusted provider of GPS antenna solutions, introduced antenna replacement services for farmers and industrial users. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, the company’s new OEM GPS Product site supplies off-the-shelf GPS antennas ready for vehicle installation. Micro-Ant is an exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Trimble Navigation's agricultural antennas, using Micro-Ant's proprietary intellectual property to produce highly accurate GPS antennas. The antennas include those commonly known as the AG-25 (Part Number 99038-01) and AG-15 (Part Number 60600-02), respectively, and antennas embedded in Trimble's other agricultural navigation products.

Micro-Ant developed the OEM GPS Product site for those in the market for a ready-made or replacement GPS product they can buy directly from a trusted supplier. The Micro-Ant Precision GPS team has been designing and supplying high-precision GNSS antennas for over 15 years. These antennas are used for agriculture, autonomous vehicles, construction, forensics, mining, aviation, surveying, and logistics management. The defining characteristic of every Micro-Ant product is its quality and longevity. Every antenna is tested in production to ensure it is rugged and demonstrates excellent performance in the field.

There is a growing need for after-market replacement parts in auto-navigation and auto-steering systems. There is also the need for smaller farming operations to use precision agriculture to compete with large-scale operations. Micro-Ant OEM GPS products can be purchased by farmers, construction, mining, and logistics businesses directly from the manufacturer - reducing overall costs and allowing users to upgrade previously owned equipment with new parts at a fraction of the cost. For international customers, the Micro-AntOEM GPS website allows direct access to the needed product with the lowest cost of shipping, distribution, and overhead available from any supplier.

Having shipped hundreds of thousands of these products over 15 years, Micro-Ant has yet to have a warranty claim for a single antenna during the warranty period. They hold strategic patents for affordable designs, have millimeter precision, and support multiple positioning constellations.

"Precision farming, enabled by technologies such as Micro-Ant's mm accurate antenna, has revolutionized food production. These technologies help reduce waste and improve land use while saving farm owners time and money. We want to ensure that compatible and affordable solutions are available to smaller farmers and farmers globally and are excited to start selling direct"- Charles McCarrick, Founder, and Chief Science Officer

Micro-Ant is excited to support the consumer’s need for refurbishment, repair, and replacement at a low cost. With the launch of OEM GPS, they have created a program for global distributors and repair professionals to repair units such as the Trimble NAV series, which includes their antenna inside the receiver unit. They also work with systems integrators to adapt their proven high-precision GNSS antenna to new receivers and other technologies.

For more information about Micro-Ant, visit For more information about Micro-Ant OEM GPS, visit For interviews, please contact Tony Felice at 619-693-6999 or Ashlee Singleton at 602-875-5664.

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