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We are the exclusive OEM of AG372, AG25, AG15. We have these in inventory and can deliver them to you, fully assembled and tested either in the housing or the antenna only.

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Micro-Ant Precision GPS team has been developing high-precision GNSS antennas for applications including agriculture, autonomous vehicles, construction, forensics, mining, aviation, and logistics management for over 15 years and holds strategic patents for antenna designs that are both affordable, have highly precise phase center accuracy and support multiple constellations.

The defining characteristic of every Micro-Ant product is its quality and longevity. Every antenna is tested in production to ensure it is leak proof and performs excellently in the field. Our high precision GNSS solutions are well known– hundreds of thousands have been sold under the brand name Trimble Ag25, Ag15 and others for over a decade. We have options available for both off-the shelf product ready to integrate with navigation and steering systems and for integration into receiver units by systems integrators.

No one knows our products like we do and we are excited to support your needs with refurbishment, repair, and replacement. We’ve also created a program for global distributors and repair professionals to repair units that integrate our antennas into the receiver. You can find out more about qualified technicians on the Support page.

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