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Replacement for Trimble Ag15 and Ag25 Information

Updated: May 18, 2023

Micro-Ant is the sole and exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Trimble Navigation's agricultural antennas, using Micro-Ant's proprietary intellectual property to produce highly accurate GPS antennas. The antennas include Part Number 99038-01, commonly known as Ag25, and Part Number 60600-02, commonly known as Ag15 and antennas embedded in Trimble's other agricultural navigation products, including AG372 and others. Having shipped hundreds of thousands of these products over a period of over 15 years, Micro-Ant has not had a warranty claim for a single antenna during the warranty period.

The primary application for Micro-Ant precision GPS antennas is for use in GPS guidance systems for automated farm equipment. This allows farmers and operators to make maximum use of their resources. Across the world, farming operations are becoming larger and more complex while simultaneously facing pressure to produce more, be more efficient and eco-conscious, reduce costs, be profitable, and make better use of increasingly scarce skilled labor. GPS-guided systems can help farmers achieve these goals. Micro-Ant Precision GPS systems are designed to integrate with the standard Trimble Navigation Systems seamlessly and have also been used in mining, forensics, surveying, and industrial applications.

Part 99038-01 (Commonly known as Ag25)

The 99038-01, commonly known as the Ag25, is a high-performance, rugged multi-band antenna designed for field use in agricultural conditions. It is functionally identical to the Ag25 and can seamlessly replace it. It maintains a high level of precision, even when receiving signals from low-elevation satellites. This lets you track and lock onto lower-elevation satellites while maintaining a strong signal-to-noise ratio. The antenna also features superior multi-path rejection.

Part 99038-01 is portable and easy to install and maintain. It is 100% compatible with products that incorporate Trimble’s Transcend positioning technology, including agriculture receivers, lightbars, and displays. The 99038-01 uses the full GPS and GNSS frequencies to get mm accuracy for high-precision applications.

The 99038-01 can receive the following correction signals and GNSS types:

· GPS (L1, L2, and L5)

· GLONASS (G1, G2, & G5)


· OmniSTAR VBS, OmniStar XP, and HP

"Micro-Ant has been developing and manufacturing Precision GPS technologies for two decades and we test every single antenna for performance and environmental ruggedness in our production process"

Part 60600-02 (Commonly known as Ag15)

The 60600-02 is also a high-performance and rugged antenna though with a more limited band. This antenna upgrades the accuracy of the EZ Guide 250 display and is an affordable tool for improving the efficiency of spraying.

The 60600-02 is easy to install and maintain and is a lower-cost option for applications requiring accuracy down to 10-20cm.

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