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GNSS Antenna Installation Guide

Updated: Mar 5

The Micro-Ant OEM GPS and GNSS antennas are designed to be roof or plate mounted for use with auto-navigation and auto-steering systems on tractors, combines, trucks, forage choppers, and swathers.


Dogfish (AG15) EZ Guide 250 Upgrade Installation Guide

Originally, Ag15 (Micro-Ant Dogfish) was designed as an upgrade kit to the EZ Guide 250 Farming Navigation System sold by Trimble. The installation of the upgrade kit is quite simple and requires a Dogfish (Ag15) antenna connected with a coax cable (recommended at 25ft for easy reach for most tractors). A couple things to keep in mind during installation:

  • Do not pinch the cables connecting the navigation unit to the antenna. We recommend using a cable access point around the tractor windows.

  • Connect the cable to the antenna before mounting it - it will only take a couple of minutes.

  • Mount the antenna (if using a single Ag15) to the center of the tractor so that your positioning is the same regardless of which direction you're driving.

  • The GPS antenna includes 3 magnets on the bottom so no additional effort is required to secure it to the vehicle rooftop. However, we recommend securing extra cable length for safety if required.


Argo (AG25) GNSS Antenna Installation and Magnetic Switching Guide

The Argo GNSS Antenna (also sold as Ag25) is equally easy to install. It comes with two installation options: built-in magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces and a 5/8 inch thread for more permanent installations. The Argo also has a TNC Connector for compatibility with most existing Trimble Agriculture cabling solutions.


Additional Resources:

Messicks Video Installation Guide of the EZ Guide 250 and the Ag15 (Micro-Ant Dogfish GPS) antenna :

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